Emmy-Winning Writer Killed on Brooklyn Sidewalk by Truck (Report)

A Honda Ridgeline truck drove onto the sidewalk and pinned down writer Martha Atwater, who later died from injuries, according to reports.

Martha Atwater, who shared a 2009 Daytime Emmy writing award for the children's show Word World, was killed in Brooklyn on Friday when a pickup truck drove onto the sidewalk, the New York Post reports

A man driving a Honda Ridgeline truck drove over the curb and pinned Atwater against a building, according to police cited by multiple news outlets. Atwater, 48, was transferred to Long Island College Hospital where she died, the Post reported. 

After the accident, several people tried to lift the truck before authorities arrived, but were unable to do so, NBC New York reports

According to the Post, a police source speculated that the driver of the pickup lost consciousness. The NBC station reported that authorities are investigating whether the driver had a "medical problem" while operating the vehicle. 

Atwater was a writer for shows including Horrible Histories and Big and Small, along with being credited as a producer on the series Clifford the Big Red Dog and film Clifford's Really Big Movie