Emmys 2011: 'Good Wife' Creators Michelle and Robert King to Celebrate 9 Noms With Champagne

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They are especially pleased with Josh Charles' nomination because "sometime we feel like Josh doesn’t get the credit he deserves because [the show] is seen as more women-friendly," Robert tells THR.

The Good Wife creators Michelle and Robert King aren’t sure they’re worthy of nine Emmy nominations.
After all, the husband and wife writing team couldn’t figure out how to turn on their TV to get the news. “We thought, we shouldn't get a television award if we can’t figure out how to turn it on,” says Michelle, with a chuckle.

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The Academy thought otherwise. In the critically acclaimed drama’s second season, it scored nine nominations, including outstanding drama and six acting nods.
By the time the couple, who ultimately found the news online, got down the nominations list to the show’s supporting actor nods for Alan Cumming and Josh Charles they were dancing. “Sometime we feel like Josh doesn’t get the credit he deserves because it’s seen as more women-friendly,” says Robert. “I just think they’ve both been doing extraordinary work.”

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He adds, “We were really thrilled with the sophomore season. And to see that people weren’t just patting us on the head and saying, ‘How nice for a network show, now go play in a corner’ was really thrilling.”
Adds Michelle, “it’s realty a fantastic way to start season three.”
In fact, the duo begins shooting the third season Friday, which means there’s little time for celebration. “We’re going to have a little champagne with the writing staff,” says Robert, adding, “but probably only a quarter cup for everyone because everyone has to be building the next episode.”

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And while the political realm is providing lots of fodder (see Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn), don’t expect to see too many ripped-from-the-headlines plotlines next season. “We’re writing three months ahead of broadcast, so the difficulty is what’s exciting now is what’s exciting in September,” says Robert, before his wife chimes in, “And you can’t top reality, even if you want to.”

Editor's note: The original headline for this story erroneously stated that The Good Wife earned 8 nominations. The progam has 9 nominations.

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