Emmys 2012: Mayim Bialik Causes Red Alert in Pamella Roland Gown

The Emmy-nominated star of "The Big Bang Theory" finally showed off her bright red Emmy gown after blogging about her dress search.

Mayim Bialik was open and above-board, filling fans in on her search for her Emmy 2012 gown. She released the news early that she would be wearing a bright red Pamella Roland gown.

Nominated for her role on the CBS hit series The Big Bang Theory, she blogged via The Hollywood Reporter, about what it takes to prepare for the big night!

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She admitted she had a few issues. First, she’s not a designer sample size. And her arm is still in a splint from a recent car crash, adding yet another level of difficulty.

"There's not really an elegant way to practice posing or actually pose when your right hand has been injured in an accident," she wrote. "Ali [her stylist Alison Kahn] and I are still undecided as to whether I will look ridiculous holding a clutch in my left/good hand or if it's better to have both hands free, as it were. To be decided."

The actress also admitted to some size vanity.

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"You know how at some stores you're a 4 and at others, at the same exact size, you're an 8? Let's just say I wish [designer] Pamella Roland would lie to me and call me a 4 in this particular dress. Meh."

Mayim, you’re a total 10 in our book.