Emmys 2013: Things Get Weird With TV-Themed Interpretive Dancing Segment (Video)

Emmys Choreography - H 2013
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Emmys Choreography - H 2013

Audiences are left confused, bemused and -- in the case of one "Breaking Bad" break-dancing sequence -- utterly horrified at what was playing out before them.

Hoping for a flashy dance number at the Emmys? Be careful what you wish for.

After a series of tearful tributes to recently deceased TV stars threatened to turn this year's Emmys into one of the most depressing awards shows in recent years, inviting the nominated choreographers -- typically a category relegated to the Creative Arts ceremony -- to mount a fun dance piece might have sounded like a good idea on paper.

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What resulted, however, left audiences at the Nokia Theatre and home viewers confused, bemused and -- in the case of one Breaking Bad break-dancing sequence -- utterly horrified at what was playing out before them.

The segment begins when host Neil Patrick Harris surprises the nominees at their luncheon and reveals the big news -- that they'll get to mount a production number on the main Emmys telecast. While they are left delighted, we are left wondering why we needed to see this. We grow further confused when we are then subjected to a sizzle reel of production meetings and rehearsal footage.

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Finally, the live number begins, and things get really weird. Here, then, is how it all plays out:

1. Harris sings "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" in front of an Emmy-adorned wall from which gloved hands poke out of holes and perform arm choreography. It feels a little under-rehearsed.

2. The walls slide apart to reveal dancing girls and a row of tiny "dance apartments." Each is devoted to one nominated show.

3. Mad Men's tableau features a couple engaged in an aggressive tango to the Mad Men theme. None of this particularly evokes the 1960s or the series.

4. Game of Thrones is cosplay meets interpretive dance meets the Torrance Community Dance Group.

5. American Horror Story: Asylum is like "S&M: The Musical" as interpreted by a high school drama club.

6. Boardwalk Empire features flappers doing the Charleston to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky," in a nod, sort of, to Baz Luhrmann's hip-hop infused "The Great Gatsby" -- minus the style and precision.

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7. Two guys in yellow coveralls holding green "element" cubes break-dance to a remix of Breaking Bad's theme. Definitely a low point for popular culture, depending on who you ask.

8. The Big Bang Theory features, uh, four dudes, a girl, and a lot of hip-thrusting, along with a very loud dance remix of a song that sounds nothing like the theme to Big Bang Theory.

9. Finally everyone emerged in white shirts, black pants, and suspenders to dance to a techno remix of "Get Lucky." It's still not entirely clear why, however.

Result: The confused audience applauds politely. Veep's Anna Chlumsky can be seen mouthing "Bravo."