Emmys 2015: Andy Samberg Re-Creates 'Mad Men' Coke Ad (With Blood)

Samberg's version of the commercial ends a little more bloodily than the original.

In a skit during the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, host Andy Samberg spoofed the finale of AMC's Mad Men.

The sketch opened with Samberg meditating cross-legged on a hill, just like Don Draper did in the last moments of the series finale episode.

Samberg's inner monologue can be heard aloud: "I sure am happy for everyone who's won, but it sure is a bummer that there are more losers than winners. If only there was something I could do."

Samberg then broke into the song "I'd Like to Give the World an Emmy," sung in the same melody as that from the 1971 classic Coca-Cola advertisement “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”

In Mad Men, it is suggest that Draper came up with the iconic commercial featuring people singing about Coke on a hillside, but Samberg's version ended a little differently, with the host tossing an Emmy award to Jim O'Heir, who played office pariah Jerry Gergich on NBC's Parks and Recreation, impaling him in the process. 

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