Emmys 2015: 'Game of Thrones' Creator Shakes Head After Andy Samberg's "Jon Snow Is Alive" Joke

Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow truthers need to know.

The fate of Jon Snow is something all Game of Thrones fans want to know, and it's been the subject of debate ever since the season five finale of the HBO series.

Jon Snow truthers have some more evidence to overanalyze after the Emmys on Sunday. While wishing George R.R. Martin a happy birthday, host Andy Samberg made a joke about the beloved character.

"Happy birthday, George, and thanks for telling me during the commercial that Jon Snow is alive," said Samberg. Martin laughs, but more noticeable is co-creator David Benioff shaking his head and smiling behind Martin.

Whether Benioff's head-shake means he's sticking to the "dead is dead" stance or just laughing at Samberg for adding fuel to the truther fire, it's impossible to know.