Emmys: The Comedy Showrunner Roundtable

Television's funniest writers/executive producers come clean about feeling in over their heads, why they're scared of Twitter and how they would have handled Charlie Sheen.

If this year proved anything, the trials of the TV comedy showrunner are many: Beyond making sure there isn't too much drama in a black comedy or deciding how much sex your lead character should have (and with whom), this season the relationship between TV's highest-paid star and his boss burst into the national headlines.

Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen were Topic A at this year's roundtable, especially considering Lorre's longtime collaborator Bill Prady was on the panel. But the showrunners swapped lots of stories, from nightmare notes and terrible tweets to just how far they're willing to go to personalize scripts. From cancer to drug addiction to online alter egos, the group fearlessly talked shop, dropped F-bombs and laughed at the foibles of their profession -- proving again that the funniest people on television aren't on camera.

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