Emmys Fashion: You, Too, Can Have Jon Hamm's Beard

"Jon Hamm's beard" is proving to be the new "Angelina Jolie's leg" of this year's Emmys, and here's how you can get his groomed look at home.

Ok, so #JonHammsBeard isn't technically "trending" on social media at the moment. But it is causing a bit of a hubub, with Super Fun Night actress Lauren Ash telling her Twitter following that Hamm's facial hair was the night's "real winner," and BuzzFeed saying that the epic beard "deserved its own Emmy." 

So how can you, too, look like a younger version of the Most Interesting Man in the World, with a face full of perfectly tamed, salt-and-peppered hair?

According to Hamm's groomer Diana Schmidtke, who also works with Seth MacFarlane and George Clooney, the Mad Men star's skin took more work than the actual beard itself. 

"Well-groomed was the overall goal," Schmidtke said of the look in a statement to THR. She started with Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, following with an application of the New York-based men's grooming brand's Continuous Moisture Eye Cream. Then she took to the beard, cutting stray hairs and flyaways to create an even surface before shaping the beard underneath with an electric razor. To combat pesky bumps, Schmidtke used Anthony Logistics' In-Grown Hair Treatment. Then she blew out Hamm's hair and ran her fingers through it with Biolage's Pliable Paste. 

But the most important step was perhaps the part where Hamm decided to grow out his beard in the first place, after returning from a four-month filming stint in England, when he decided he was "done with shaving for a little while." 

We'll expect to see a Twitter feed for the beard by the beard by the end of the evening.