Emmys: 27 of TV's Supporting Stars Sit for Class Photo (Video)

From the stars of "Homeland" and "Newsroom" to "Mindy" and "Modern Family," these second seed drama and comedy VIPs are ready for their close-ups.

This story first appeared in the June 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Favorite scenes, can’t-miss shows, worst jobs and dream gigs: Emmy’s supporting actor and actress classmates get real (and really funny) when talking shop. (Click here for exclusive photos.)

1. Alex Karpovsky
Girls (HBO)

“I once had a day job where I dressed up as a life-sized Dove chocolate bar. You get hot very, very quickly. I would love to remove that from my résumé.”

2. Jim O’Heir
Parks and Recreation (NBC)

“My favorite parts of being on Parks is that I get to do scenes like when my character, Jerry, caught on fire from the candles on a birthday cake — and that [co-star] Ben Schwartz pinches my ass.”

3. Steven Yeun
The Walking Dead (AMC)

“My toughest gig was working in an assisted-living home. It was great because of the people you meet but terrible because sometimes they weren’t there the next day. Also, you’d have to do things for people you are used to doing for babies. That was bad.”

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4. Georgia King
The New Normal (NBC)

“The birth scene was huge; very emotional for me. Ever since the first time I read the pilot, I knew that scene was coming, but it was such an incredible day. The show really changed my life.”

5. Ellie Kemper
The Office (NBC)

“A big moment for me this year was beating up Mindy [Kaling] when I guest-starred on The Mindy Project. But the most emotional moment was when we filmed The Office finale. I was crying and crying, which is actually unusual for me!”

6. Ben McKenzie
Southland (TNT)

“I rarely have time to actually watch television, but after meeting Betsy [Brandt] and Alison [Pill], I am going to be pressured to catch up on Breaking Bad and The Newsroom.”

7. Joelle Carter
Justified (FX)

“My favorite part of last season was when my character, Ava, decided to take care of business on her own, and now she’s going to pay the price in prison. The writers didn’t spend all last season leading up to this to let her out right away. Wait, I hope that wasn’t a spoiler!”

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8. Noah Emmerich
The Americans (FX)

“Both Morena [Baccarin] and I are on spy shows, so we could tell you more, but we’d have to kill you. I can tell you I think it’d be fun to guest star on Glee.”

9. Tony Hale
Veep (HBO) and Arrested Development (Netflix)

“What’s funny about both shows is that I don’t really watch the episodes as much as the gag reels. I generally am not able to keep it together at all; always off-camera, crying. Very unprofessional.”

10. Rick Hoffman
Suits (USA)

“We just started our third season, and there’s a scene where I had to sit in a tub of mud for six hours, head to toe. It pretty much drained everything out of my body, including my kidneys.”

11. Simon Helberg
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

“The worst acting job I ever had was a MasterCard commercial where I had to wear a rubber suit and be harnessed in the air for 14 hours. They didn’t know how to get it off. I was bleeding, had welts ... and I had to go back the next day. It was horrible.”

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12. Ariel Winter
Modern Family (ABC)

“I’m not the only kid on my show, which makes things easier. But I am in the middle in terms of age, so it’s always a question of whether to hang out with the kids or the adults. I usually end up hanging out with the adults at the wrap parties, which is kind of odd sometimes.”

13. Dax Shepard
Parenthood (NBC)

“I love my show but also have a vested interest in another series represented here today — [fiancee Kristen Bell’s] House of Lies — because it pays half of my mortgage.”

14. Busy Philipps
Cougar Town (TBS)

“I’d love to erase from my résumé a made-for-MTV movie called Spring Break Lawyer. Naturally I played the bartender, Jenny, whom the spring break lawyer had a crush on. Oh, that and every pilot I made that didn’t get picked up.”

15. Natalie Zea
The Following (Fox)

“I was a hostess at Planet Hollywood, and I also worked at Mickey Mantle’s in New York. By comparison, all the killing on The Following doesn’t bother me.”

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16. Cameron Monaghan
Shameless (Showtime)

“I tend to watch a lot of dark dramas like The Walking Dead and Dexter. Maybe Ariel [Winter] and I can guest star on something together as adolescent serial killers? That’d be fun.”

17. Pamela Adlon
Californication (Showtime)

“Last season, I was held hostage, tased and did a lot of sex stuff. But that’s just an average Monday for me — and a big improvement over terrible jobs I’ve had, like handing out fliers for the Boston Pops and selling computer toner over the phone.”

18. Sharon Gless
Burn Notice (USA)

“Career regrets? I really wish I hadn’t done Revenge of the Stepford Wives. It was a TV sequel to the feature film. But I did have the great honor of replacing Angie Dickinson, which isn’t a bad thing.”

19. Alison Pill
The Newsroom (HBO)

“There is only one job I’d like to remove from my résumés on Wikipedia and IMDb. Apparently I was in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Camping Party. I’ve never been in a film with them, though I’d want to be!”

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20. Darren Criss
Glee (Fox)

“I would have loved to be on Breaking Bad. I think I’d be a pretty good meth head. Or play Aaron Paul’s character. I think every young actor probably would have wanted that role.”

21. Betsy Brandt
Breaking Bad (AMC)

“My show is done filming for forever, and I’m really not handling it very well. I would love to be on The Americans, so if the producers are listening, I’m here!”

22. Morena Baccarin
“After shooting so many heart-wrenching scenes last year — like the breakup with Brody — I’d love to do a show like Girls. It’s deep, but ironic and funny.”

23. Garrett Morris
2 Broke Girls (CBS)

“I once did five horror films in a row. And one that was a cult favorite was called The Stuff. I was an alien from another planet. Don’t laugh!”

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24. Chris Messina
The Mindy Project (Fox)

“We have many laughing fits. In one scene, I had a quick exchange with [guest star] Seth Rogen that I could not get through. Everybody was ready to kill me.”

25. Ben Schwartz
House of Lies (Showtime)

“OK, it’s totally nerdy, but it’s been a dream my whole life to be a voice on The Simpsons.”

26. Kevin Rahm
Mad Men (AMC)

“Just standing in the Mad Men offices is fun. There’s actual research on an account from that period in a folder on our desks. Like, someone really did that for us!”

27. Abigail Spencer
Rectify (Sundance)

“I once sold Arbonne — a natural version of Mary Kay. You invite girls over and show them the products. At least I got to make a fool of myself in my own home. Now I make a fool of myself in other people’s living rooms, so it’s all worked out.”

Additional reporting by Lesley Goldberg.