Emmys: Jill Soloway Talks Revisiting Nazis in 1930s Berlin for Season Two of 'Transparent'

Transparent Still H 2016
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"We are constantly amazed at what we're getting to put on television," the show's creator says as she discusses some of the most challenging scenes to film.

Most challenging scene to pull off this season

For the episode "Man on the Land," we actually staged a music festival, complete with hundreds of extras in various stages of nudity plus the Indigo Girls, Sia and, for good measure, some Nazis from the 1930s storyline.

Most rewarding scene to see completed

I don't think there's ever been anything like the bathtub scene on TV before. We see the family's matriarch express her sexual desire and get what she wants: an orgasm!

The thing people don't get about our show

For all of Transparent's queer POV, it's truly just a show about an L.A. family. It's also a tribute to the family shows I grew up watching: All in the Family, Brady Bunch and Eight Is Enough.

I still can't believe we got away with …

We visited 1930s Berlin, threw a festival in the woods and even fit in some light feminist flogging! On set we are constantly amazed at what we're getting to put on television.

In this election, Maura would vote for …

Hillary because she's dignified. I think Maura would probably say that Trump is ungodly — and unpleasant.

If I could convince anyone in the world to give my Emmy speech for me, I'd choose …

My Moppa.


Seasons: 2 on Amazon
Executive producers: Jill Soloway, Andrea Sperling
Emmy history: 21 nominations, 5 wins
2016 Awards: BAFTA TV Award for best international program; CSA Artios Award for casting; PGA Award for episodic TV comedy Unexpected plot twist: A NSFW sex scene between Judith Light's Shelly and Jeffrey Tambor's Maura was as emotionally painful as it was physically audacious.
Fun fact: Like the Pfeffermans, Soloway now calls her parent “Moppa” — a combination of “Mom” and “Poppa.”

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