Emmys In Memoriam: Roger Ailes Inclusion Draws Outrage

The fleeting image of the disgraced former Fox News Channel chief was met with derision on Twitter.

Twitter users reacted angrily to the appearance of Roger Ailes in the Emmys "In Memoriam" section on Sunday night.

Hamilton star Christopher Jackson sang Stevie Wonder's "As" as the faces of recently deceased TV personalities such John Heard and Adam West flashed by on the screen in the evening's most poignant moment.

But the appearance of former Fox News Channel chairman Ailes, who died in May, set off criticism on social media. Ailes left FNC in July 2016 following a raft of sexual harassment allegations against him from some of the channel's top talent including Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. 

Notable omissions in this year's "In Memoriam" included Harry Dean Stanton and Frank Vincent, likely because producers were not able to include them in the section in time. Stanton died Friday at the age of 91, while the Sopranos star died Thursday at age 80. Social media users also called out other notable omissions including Charlie Murphy, who died in April, and Dick Gregory, who died last month.