Emmys: Rachel Bloom Reveals Secrets Behind 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Songs

Courtsy of Smallz + Raskind/The CW
Rachel Bloom

The characters constantly break into melodies on the show: "It comes to a point where what you say can't be spoken. It must be sung and danced."

Most of the time, TV music hovers in the background, but then there's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where the music often is the real star of the show. "It comes to a point where what you say can't be spoken. It must be sung and danced," explains star/co-creator Rachel Bloom, who also has co-written the nearly 82 original songs featured in the CW comedy's first two seasons.

Whereas a traditional series might use the sound of trombones or timpani to instill excitement or dread in viewers, Bloom and songwriting partners Jack Dolgen and Adam Schlesinger prefer their music to be a more literal interpretation of the characters. When Rebecca (Bloom) belts out a classic musical-theater number, it's because that's what she already loves. When her boss Darryl (Pete Gardner) sings something that sounds like it's from the Huey Lewis catalog, it's because that's an act he considers cool. "Sometimes the songs come from a story idea, but usually they're born out of a character's point of view," says Dolgen. "If they aren't, they'll just be an aside. When you hear a song on our show, it needs to have a reason to be there." 

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