Emmys: 'Silicon Valley' Showrunners Look Back on That Horse Sex Scene

Silicon Valley - T.J. Miller -Josh Brener-H 2016
Courtesy of John P. Johnson/HBO

Alec Berg and Mike Judge also share whom they would pick to give their Emmy speech and what they can't believe they got away with airing.

Most challenging scene to pull off this season ...

BERG Getting two copulating horses and two actors into one confined space. The actors were a bit all over the place, but the horses were consummate professionals.

I still can’t believe we got away with ...

BERG Doing an HBO show without the slightest hint of nudity or murder. We probably won’t get away with it much longer.

My Emmy night ritual ...

JUDGE Putting on a tuxedo and losing.

If I was in charge of Emmy seating, I’d put myself next to ...

JUDGE The exit. Or my “plus-one.”

If I could convince anyone in the world to give my Emmy speech for me, I’d choose...

BERG Tough call. Maybe Adolf Hitler? Some of his policies were questionable at best, but the man knew how to work a room. Or Judd Apatow. Probably Judd.

My advice for Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel ...

BERG Whatever you do, don’t follow Hitler.


Seasons: three on HBO
Executive producers: Alec Berg, Tom Lassally, Mike Judge, Michael Rotenberg
Emmy history: 23 nominations, two wins
Unexpected plot twist: Animal rights organization PETA didn't think the scene featuring two horses having sex in the background was funny, calling thoroughbred breeding “arranged rape.”
Fun fact: Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wore Pied Piper and Hooli T-shirts while completing the ice-bucket challenge for ALS.

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