Emmys: Tatiana Maslany Thanks 'Orphan Black' Fans After Nomination

AP Images/Invision

"Our show has broken the barrier of just being a sci-fi cult show," the actress said.

After last year's Academy snub, Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany and her Clone Club finally have an Emmy nomination.

"To me, it's an awesome honor and really unexpected," the Canadian actress told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday after receiving news of the Emmy recognition in the best drama actress category for her chameleon-like acting talents.

But Maslany, as is her way, gave thanks to Orphan Black fans who follow her playing around a dozen clone characters in the Canadian-made drama. "The thing that I find exciting is the fans have always been so supportive of us, and this Emmy nomination means a lot to them. So it's not necessarily just for me. It's very much about the fans," Maslany added.

Fans of the BBC America and Space conspiracy thriller last year reacted angrily on social media when Maslany was shut out of the Emmys. But this year, she sent a happier message to her fans: "CloneClub & clonebians, this bud's for you. Thanks buddies :)," she tweeted on Thursday morning.

Having finally made the cut, Maslany said the Emmy nom was also recognition that Orphan Black was now considered a full-blown drama, worthy of the golden age of TV. "These people that I'm nominated with are in high dramas. It's very crazy. Our show has broken the barrier of just being a sci-fi cult show," she insisted.

Maslany also said the Emmy nom could boost her career, which has received a big lift from her Orphan Black star-turn. "It's great visibility for me. Hopefully it will lead to me getting to work with actors and directors who I admire, and whose work I've watched and I've always dreamed of working with," she said.

The Emmy nom was also cheered in Canada by Space-parent Bell Media. "This nomination is a true testament to Tatiana Maslany’s spectacular work in her multiple roles on Orphan Black," said Tracey Pearce, senior vp specialty and pay at  Bell Media.