Emmys: The TV Academy Breaks Down Voting in One Charmingly Elaborate Graphic

Primetime Emmys Main Image - H 2013

Primetime Emmys Main Image - H 2013

Still not sure how the big winners are decided? This step-by-step guide from divvying up peer groups to handing out statuettes should clear things right up.

On Sept. 22, much of the best and brightest from the television world will gather at NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE to pat one another on the back, make speeches and celebrate that magical little box -- but how, exactly, is an Emmy winner chosen?

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In this world where there are almost too many award shows to keep track of, it's easy to confuse the different rules, voting pools and deadlines that lead to a nomination or a win. The TV Academy is aware of this problem. And, for those not in the know, they'd like to clear up any confusion ahead of the big night.

From the kudos' 1946 inception to the glut of different categories to the secured briefcases that transport winners' names, this elaborate and nostalgic graphic lays out every last step that leads to an Emmy.