Emmys: 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Showrunner Reveals Who Kimmy Would Vote For This Election

Kimmy Still H 2016
Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

"Since she missed 'The Apprentice,' she only knows Trump as the bankrupt Roy Cohn protege who was in 'Home Alone 2,'" says showrunner Robert Carlock of the titular character.

Most challenging scene to pull off this season

The trickiest scenes to write were probably the therapy scenes with Kimmy and Andrea [Tina Fey]. The challenge of a therapy story is one of dramatizing the internal. Kimmy talking about her feelings was new, but ultimately those feelings had to lead to a story and not just more talking.

Most rewarding scene to see completed

Having long advocated the belief that teeth are weird, I was very gratified to shoot Titus singing "Outside Bones."

The thing people don't get about our show

That it is a modern retelling of King Lear. Or maybe The Odyssey. Either way, it's something really smart like that.

In this election, Kimmy would vote for …

Hillary Clinton because females are strong as hell and, since she missed The Apprentice, she only knows Trump as the bankrupt Roy Cohn protege who was in Home Alone 2.

My Emmy-night ritual

Nancy O'Dell yelling at me to get out of her shot.

My advice for Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel

Don't be a slave to the whole "three-hour time limit." It's just a guideline.


Seasons: 2 on Netflix
Executive producers: Tina Fey, Jack Burditt, Robert Carlock, David Miner, Jeff Richmond
Emmy history: 11 nominations, 0 wins
Viral Moment: A few weeks before season two premiered, Tituss Burgess announced that a "Peeno Noir"- inspired wine, Pinot by Tituss, was available to buy.
Fun fact: The beat for “Peeno Noir” came from the 30 Rock parody song “La Piscine,” about Denise Richards’ love for the swimming pool.

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