Emperor crowns Ng distribution boss


Alan Ng, previously vp in charge of acquisitions and distribution at Celestial Pictures, has joined Emperor Motion Pictures and will oversee their distribution team.

Ng's appointment follows the departure of former Emperor general manager of distribution Ricky Tse, who started work Monday as head of distribution for Media Asia. Tse replaced Jeffrey Chan, who left Media Asia on March 31.

"Hong Kong films have faced stiff competition in recent years from the region, as the respective countries' works (have) become more mature and internationally oriented and recognized," Ng said, commenting on the problems facing the distribution of Hong Kong films. "As a result, the uniqueness of Hong Kong products has eroded over the years. Moreover, Hollywood has noticed the importance of the international marketplace and it has put in place a market-share expansion strategy, sometimes seemingly in lieu of revenue, to drive off the competition."

Ng also addressed the threat that distributors face from piracy. "As piracy happens at the local level, we work closely with our local distributors to combat it," Ng said. "We provide support and tools, which our local distributors can use in conjunction with their governments to bring the pirates to prosecution."

Emperor's 2007 lineup includes Jiang Wen's "The Sun Also Rises," "Twins Mission," Susie Au's "Ming Ming" and Kenneth Bi's "The Drummer."

Emperor will be presenting "The Sun Also Rises" for the first time in a major market at the upcoming Festival de Cannes. It also will unveil a number of upcoming projects, both from their own production team and other producers.
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