Emperor To Produce 'Ip Man - The Final Fight'

Hong Kong's Herman Yau will direct the sixth biopic of Bruce Lee’s martial arts master.

HONG KONG – Emperor Motion Pictures join the fray to produce their own biopic of Bruce Lee’s martial arts master with Ip Man – The Final Fight. Prolific Hong Kong director Herman Yau will reunite with his award-winning star Anthony Wong of The Untold Story in the role of the oft-filmed life of the Wing Chun grandmaster.

The film is the latest in a cluster of recent productions about the grandmaster, after Ip Man (2008) and its sequel (2010), produced by Raymond Wong, and The Grandmaster, the upcoming film by auteur Wong Kar-Wai at the helm and Tony Leung Chiu-wai (Lust, Caution) in the title role. Director Yau has put the early life of the legendary kung fu sifu onscreen in The Lengend is Born - Ip Man in 2010. Raymond Wong's Pegasus has also announced the third installment of his Ip Man series, this time in 3D and tentatively scheduled for an April 2013 release.

While Anthony Wong is known for his acting prowess, he is also a lifelong martial arts exponent who holds an 8th degree in the Tai-Shing Pek-Gua style. Producer-actor-director Eric Tsang (Infernal Affairs) will join the cast as Ip Man’s rival-turned-friend, the grandmaster of the White Crane style. Tsang was a stuntman for more than 15 years early in his career.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to get such a stellar cast who are respected martial artists in their respective disciplines. I think audiences will find their combination of skills will add a new level of authenticity to the tale of Grandmaster Ip,” said Albert Lee, Emperor Motion Pictures CEO.