eMusic backs Web radio effort


Indie-focused retailer eMusic will pledge its support to SaveNetRadio.org, which was launched to protest the raise in royalty rates for Web broadcasters. The subscription service has stated it will make a "modest contribution" to SaveNetRadio.org, as well as public radio stations KEXP in Seattle KCRW in Santa Monica and Web broadcaster SomaFM.

eMusic has also created what it's calling Web radio "mash-ups," allowing users to sample Internet radio stations and then download the content via its site. The eMusic announcement comes a day after Web radio's "day of silence," which was to protest the March 2 ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board to raise Internet radio royalties.

"Internet radio is one of the most vital ways to discover new music, and yesterday's Internet radio 'Day of Silence' has reminded us of how much we gain as listeners when we aren't locked into a choice between mainstream radio and MTV," eMusic president and CEO David Pakman said in a statement.