End of an era: HBO sidelines veteran 'NFL'


More than 30 years after it began its run on HBO, "Inside the NFL" is leaving the field after Wednesday night's show.

The signature highlights show that is a collaboration of HBO Sports and NFL Films is being dropped by HBO because, unlike 1977 when it began, there are plenty of other places to see those highlights today in a world of 24-hour cable, the Internet and the NFL Network.

"It has been a terrific franchise," HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg said. "But the television landscape has changed quite a bit over the last 30 years, and we have to recognize the realities of the business."

The NFL said Wednesday that it will continue with "Inside the NFL" on another network. There have been discussions with three or four other unnamed outlets, though no deal has been made. The show will kick off again in the fall, regardless.

"Inside the NFL" has been the longest-running show on cable TV and is anchored by HBO and NBC host Bob Costas as well as football analysts Dan Marino and Cris Collinsworth.