Endemol launches Brazilian prod'n hub

Already has 50/50 joint venture with TV Globo

LONDON -- Reality producer Endemol has launched Endemol Brasil, a new wholly-owned production hub in Brazil that will produce a wide range of entertainment programming for the local market, COO Marco Bassetti said Wednesday.

Endemol operates Endemol Globo, a 50/50 joint venture with Brazillian broadcaster TV Globo, which will continue to produce exclusively for TV Globo. The new unit will attempt to serve the rest of the Brazillian market.

Endemol Brasil, will be headed by managing director Daniela Busoli with Paula Cavalcanti as head of production.

"For the first time we have a fully owned local production operation in this important territory where we have already established a strong and growing presence," Bassetti said.

"Combining this new enterprise with the ongoing success of our joint venture with Globo will significantly reinforce our position in this market," he added.