Endemol Shine Unveils Revamped Nordic Operation

Gary Carter - P 2013

A trio of Endemol executives in Scandinavia will exit the company following the restructuring.

The grand plan that is Endemol Shine is slowly taking shape.

The television production giant, created by the three-way merger of Endemol, Shine Group and American Idol owner Core Media, just launched a joint international sales operation and is re-jigging its global production structure.

On Wednesday, Endemol unveiled its plans for its Scandinavian operations, grouped under the new division, Endemol Shine Nordics. The umbrella group will incorporate Shine and Endemol's production companies in the Nordic region, including the Metronome companies bought by then-Shine boss Elisabeth Murdoch back in 2009 and Endemol Nordics, set up in 2010. In total, the division consists of 11 production companies and four broadcast facilities across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Their production output includes local versions of Endemol Shine formats including MasterChef and Big Brother as well as Nordic fiction series such as Norwegian dramedy Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt and Swedish crime series The Bridge, which has been adapted as the FX series of the same name starring Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir.

Endemol's Scandinavian operations in Norway, Denmark and Finland will be discontinued as part of the restructuring, with the labels folded into Shine Nordics' and Endemol Sweden's operations.

Three Endemol executives in the region will also be leaving, following a transition period: Rikke Nissen and Eric Linschooten, managing director, respectively, of Endemol Denmark and Endemol Norway, and Michael Porseryd, currently CEO of Endemol Nordics. Endemol Shine said they are in the process of shifting existing productions from these companies to others within the group and are in “discussions with the existing full time staff from across these companies.”

As previously announced, Gary Carter, formerly chairman of Shine Nordics, will oversee Endemol Shine operations in the region as international co-CEO. He is joined by former Shine Nordics colleges, CFO Bertil Rosenlund and business and legal affairs head Victoria Kjellberg, who will hold the same positions in the new group. Rosenlund will also act as interim managing director of Endemol Sweden until a replacement can be found.

Managing directors across the rest of the production companies in the group remain unchanged under the new structure.