'Ender's Game' Author Compares Obama to Hitler in Bizarre Essay


The writer imagines a post-Democracy U.S. in which the president and first lady are re-elected forever in what he calls "an experiment in fictional thinking."

Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card is following his controversial anti-gay remarks with a bizarre essay that compares President Obama to Adolph Hitler, imagining a post-Democracy United States in which Obama and first lady Michelle Obama take full control.

In a post on Card's Civilization Watch blog titled "Unlikely Events," the novelist weaves together a series of scenarios that would find Barack Obama in control of the nation as a "Hitler- or Stalin-style dictator" complete with his own "national police force" of "young out-of-work urban men." Card also speculates that Obama, with the help of his wife, will amend the Constitution to allow presidents to run for re-election forever.

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"Obama will win by 98 percent every time," he writes. "That's how it works in Nigeria and Zimbabwe; that's how it worked in Hitler's Germany."

The paranoid post is book ended with disclaimers from the author, describing the piece as "an experiment in fictional thinking." Card insists that his "job in writing sci-fi is to make the impossible events seem not just possible but likely."

At the end of his essay, Card writes, "Will these things happen? Of course not."

Card takes the news media to task in his remarks, claiming that they have "never challenged Obama on anything."

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"His lies and mistakes are unreported or quickly forgotten or explicitly denied; his critics are demonized," he writes. Later, Card imagines that when Obama takes totalitarian control over the nation, "everyone at Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and the Rhinoceros Times would be in jail. Or dead."

Read Card's full essay here.

Ender's Game, published in 1985, is a military science fiction novel set in a dystopian future in which mankind is preparing to face a third alien invasion and people send their children into Battle School. The novel is currently being adapted into a big-budget feature film from director Gavin Hood, starring Asa Butterfield in the title role, as well as Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis and Harrison Ford.

The film is due out Nov. 1, 2013, in the U.S.