'Enemy' Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Discovers His Double (Video)


Director: Denis Villeneuve 
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent 
The Buzz: What's this? Another doppelganger tale! In this psychosexual thriller, Gyllenhaal stars in a dual role as a university teacher who tracks down a man who looks just like him.

The film, which once again pairs the actor with "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve, will hit theaters March 14.

Jake Gyllenhaal discovers his double in this menacing, sepia-toned theatrical trailer for Enemy.

The clip shows Gyllenhaal's bearded university-lecturer character confronting a look-alike in a stark hotel room.

"The film is a haunting and provocative psychosexual thriller about duality and identity, where in the end only one man will survive," teases the synopsis.

EARLIER: Denis Villeneuve's 'An Enemy' to Shoot in Toronto 

The thriller once again teams the actor with director Denis Villeneuve, whose Prisoners debuted to critical acclaim at Telluride Film Festival last August and went on to earn over $60 million at the domestic box office. 

Enemy (once titled An Enemy) made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September.

In a review, The Hollywood Reporter's critic Deborah Young wrote that the title may be divisive to moviegoers: "Overall it feels like an experimental outing whose disturbing artiness might find a home with cult and midnight audiences."

Enemy is set for theatrical release on March 14.