Enhanced IMDb.com App Offers Complete Coverage of Movies, TV Projects


The new iPad/iPhone application with Watchlist launches Wednesday.

IMDb.com is offering users a chance to follow movies and TV projects from early discussion of projects to greenlight to viewing information.

The company is launching enhancements to its iPhone and iPad apps which allow mobile users to monitor projects at every point in their production.

Users can simply add these projects of interest to a new IMDb Watchlist and monitor the progress, through updates, until it is created. Then the Watchlist also provide either broadcast time/network or movie release date.

The update app will even allow the purchase of cinema tickets.

"Users have been asking for this," says Kintan Brahmbhatt, head of mobile for IMDB. "We're setting a trend with this first-of-a-kind app. People can follow a TV show from it's production to its airdate."

"And this will cover all forms of entertainment -- from TV, to movies, to DVDs, all on one Watchlist," he added.

IMDB will eventually launch the app on other platforms – like Android and Window phones.

“We’re working actively on it for the near future," says Brahmbhatt.

Here are the enhancements available on the app Wednesday.

Watchlist: Users of IMDb’s iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app can now create and maintain a personalized Watchlist, enabling them to track movies and TV shows that interest them.

Enhanced Showtimes Listings: Search for movie theaters based on distance from your location. – “it really helps users to close the list” Helps users decide to watch and watch something. It completes the entire experience from deciding what to watch to watch.”

Purchase Movie Tickets: Users in the US, UK, Canada and Spain can conveniently purchase movie tickets via the IMDb app.

Magical Search: Users will now see search results as they type.

Ratings History: Users can view all the movies and TV shows they have rated on IMDb.com via the app.

AirPlay: Users can flick to stream trailers from their IMDb iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app to their Apple TV.

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IMDb Pro: IMDb Pro subscribers can access agent client lists and read production notes.