Entertainment Studios Announces Original Primetime Sitcoms

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Gari Lamar Askew

Byron Allen says he could sell his company for $1 billion.

Following the Tyler Perry model, both "The First Family" and "Mr. Box Office" have 104-episode orders.

Moving into script situation comedy for the first time, Entertainment Studios will launch two first-run sitcoms to air in primetime beginning this fall, it was announced Thursday by the company’s Chairman and CEO Byron Allen.

As with its more than two dozen other shows, the sitcoms will be produced in-house and are guaranteed to go on the air no matter how many stations clear them for September.  Following the Tyler Perry model, E.S. has committed to a huge order from the start, with 104 episodes of The First Family and 104 episodes of Mr. Box Office.

“There’s a huge shortfall of quality family sitcoms for broadcast television stations, and we are 110 percent committed to filling that enormous void,” said Allen.  “Our number one priority is to deliver the highest quality content in the sitcom genre.”

The First Family is described as the story of an African American family in the White House, which of course echoes what is really going on right now.

Mr. Box Office is about a big movie star sentenced to community service who teaches at the toughest high school in America.

There was no announcement about creative talent behind the camera or cast. Allen told THR recently that unlike most of his shows, he expects to cast some stars in lead roles to help propel the shows. He also pledged to hire top network writers and producers, with production to begin this summer.