Entertainment Unions, PACS Issue Election Endorsements

Barack Obama  Capitol Square Campaign 11/4 - P 2012
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Barack Obama  Capitol Square Campaign 11/4 - P 2012

Most of them have come out against California Prop. 32, and two have endorsed candidates.

Two entertainment unions have issued candidate endorsements for Tuesday’s election, and most have come out against California Prop. 32, which would restrict the ability of unions and corporations to use deductions from employee wages in order to influence voters for or against any measure. Opponents call this apparent even-handedness deceptive, since companies don’t fund their political advocacy by payroll deductions, whereas unions do.

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The DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, Professional Musicians Local 47 (of the American Federation of Musicians), Teamsters Local 399 and IBEW Local 40 have all come out against Prop. 32. The WGA has issued no statement on the matter.

IATSE has endorsed President Barack Obama and U.S. Rep. Howard Berman (D-Cal.).

The WGA West PAC has issued a list of endorsement:

President/Vice President: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

For United States Senate:

Arizona –Dr. Richard Carmona

California –Senator Dianne Feinstein

Connecticut –Congressman Chris Murphy

Florida – Senator Bill Nelson

Indiana – Congressman Joe Donnelly

Maine – Governor Angus King

Massachusetts – Elizabeth Warren

Michigan – Senator Debbie Stabenow

Missouri – Senator Claire McCaskill

Montana – Senator Jon Tester

Nevada – Congresswoman Shelley Berkley

North Dakota – Congresswoman Heidi Heitkamp

Ohio – Senator Sherrod Brown

Virginia – Governor Tim Kaine

Wisconsin – Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin

United States House of Representatives

California District 33 – Congressman Henry Waxman

California District 24 – Congresswoman Lois Capps

California District 28 – Congressman Adam Schiff

California District 29 – Congressman Tony Cardenas

California District 34 – Congressman Xavier Becerra

California District 37 – Congresswoman Karen Bass

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