'Entourage' Finale: What's Next for the HBO Series and its Cast?

Claudette Barius/HBO

The actors tell THR about the possibility of a movie and where they see their characters in 5 years.

Entourage wrapped its eighth and final season on Sunday night, leaving many fans wondering about the future of the franchise. Creator Doug Ellin has confirmed that he will begin writing a script for a potential feature film, while executive producer Mark Wahlberg has stated that he “will fight to the end to get the movie made.”

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As for the actors, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier tell The Hollywood Reporter where they see their characters in five years (SPOILERS).

“There’s only one direction for Vince, and it’s up,” Grenier says. “It’s gotta be.”

“An Oscar maybe,” suggests Kevin Connolly, who plays Vince’s manager Eric.

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“I think Drama has one love, and that’s fame, and that’s basically what he strives for,” adds Dillon. “Everything is all about acting and being famous. To see him with some kind of success… he’s had some this year, but it’s been doing voiceovers in a cartoon.  I think it would be nice to see Johnny succeed a little bit.”

“By the way, what’s always got me about Johnny Drama, is that he works more than any 99.9 percent of the actors,” notes Connolly. “Johnny Drama is never not working.”

“I am convinced that he is a decent actor. He’s got to be,” jokes Dillon. “He wouldn’t work as often as he does.”

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Piven’s character Ari, who is left with a big decision in the final scene, could (and likely will) return to his Hollywood life.

“This kind of conundrum that Ari is faced with in a very real way, that could end there, or could possibly continue on in a really great way,” Piven explains. “Vince could be shooting in Prague, and Ari has to go and solve some problems. Possibly, Pete Berg, whom Ari wants to use as a client, [says] ‘you’ve got to step it up.’”

“Maybe Pete is going to put Ari through his paces to prove that he’s the guy that he used to be, so that he can hire Ari to represent him. We could pitch story lines forever.”

After watching the series finale, Piven’s predictions don’t quite match up to where we last see his character. The last few moments of the episode find Ari quitting his job and whisking Melissa (Perrey Reeves), “Mrs. Ari,” away to Italy for a fresh start. Alan Dale resumes his role as John Ellis, the fictional chairman of Warner Bros.’ parent company, to call and offer Ari the coveted position as his successor.

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“I think, and I’m not just saying this, that the show this year felt as fresh as it’s ever felt because the wife has really had it with Ari. Everything you think would mean the most to him in this world is being taken away from him.  He’s gutted,” says Piven. “As an actor, I’m allowed to pull the layers off of this character and show a transformation with a guy that I’ve been playing for eight years. How often do you get to do that in a series or even a movie? “

“To end like that, I’m fine walking away, but at the same time, it would be amazing to continue to explore that,” he continues.

As the Entourage family waits for an official decision to be made on a future film, a few of the actors have projects already in the pipeline.

Dillon can be seen on the CBS fall comedy How to Be a Gentleman when it makes its series debut on Sept. 29. The show also stars David Hornsby, Dave Foley, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Rhys Darby and Nancy Lenehan.

Jerry Ferrara, the actor behind Turtle, is filming Screen Gems’ Think Like a Man along with Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson and Kelly Rowland. The comedy is based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book.

Piven can be seen in the upcoming Miley Cyrus film So Undercover, along with fellow Entourage alum Autumn Reeser. He will also lend his voice to Sony Pictures Animation’s The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and is rumored to be starring in the upcoming thriller Sound of Mind.

Connolly is signed on to direct the in-development comedy Adrenaline, while Grenier will produce another documentary titled Spin.

Additional reporting by Lacey Rose.