'Entourage' Movie Begins Filming As Stars Post Set Photos

ENTOURAGE (2004-2011)

Inspired by Mark Wahlberg's own experiences coming to Hollywood, Entourage might have overstayed its welcome towards the end, but early in its run it was a showbiz-savvy portrait of American excess and male pattern bonding. For those that still want more, the Entourage movie is a go and will hit theaters in 2015.

The long-anticipated film began shooting Thursday, with writer-director Doug Ellin and stars Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara documenting the experience on Instagram.

After years of waiting and a period of protracted contract negotiations, the Entourage movie began shooting Thursday.

The stars and writer-director Doug Ellin took to Instagram to document their first day of filming.

Ellin posted a photo of himself on the set in his director's gear and a later shot of himself surrounded by a group of bikini-clad women on a boat, which he captioned "rough first day of shoot."

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Adrian Grenier, meanwhile, put together a short video of Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly on set, with both saying it was good to be back, and Ferrara pointing out that he's wearing Turtle's signature Yankees cap.

Ferrara also posted a call sheet for the first day of filming, and a group shot with his costars and Ellin from Friday, day two.

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Ellin declared that the movie was "a go" on Twitter in October after a protracted dealmaking period during which castmembers tried to negotiate an equitable deal to the one signed by star Jeremy Piven, who negotiated a more generous back-end participation than anticipated.

Ellin tweeted in November that the movie would begin shooting Jan. 16, so the film seems to be on schedule.

Check out the Entourage crew's Instagram photos and videos below.