'Entourage' Movie: The Hollywood Reporter Cameo

The movie features a fake cover heralding fake superagent Ari Gold's rise to the top of a film studio.

Movie stars aren’t the only ones who get cameos. The Hollywood Reporter turns up in Entourage as well, with a fake cover heralding fake superagent Ari Gold’s rise to the top of a film studio.

Writer-director Doug Ellin’s production reached out in 2014, requesting to use the magazine as a prop, and THR agreed, offering suggestions for cover lines and fonts (which they didn't use), as well as examples of favored covers from past issues to give Ellin's team a few design ideas.

"We signed off on everything, but left them to their own devices," says Shanti Marlar, THR's creative director. She notes that she would have opted for different attire and a little more facial expression had she been in charge of piecing the image together. Visually, she also would have designed the overall look much differently. (See below for more of her critique on the fake cover and how it differs from an actual THR cover.)

The final cover features a headshot of Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold and teases feature headlines that read "The Making of a Disaster" and "The Studio Smackdown." (It also features two typos: "How Jason's Dodson's Script Landed at the Top of the New Black List" and "The Billion Dollar Gamble Behind Director Henry Saine's Epic Catastrophy.")

A glimpse of it can be seen in one of the film's earlier scenes, during which Piers Morgan (one of nearly 50 cameos in the movie) hosts a fake news segment discussing Gold's studio move and Vincent Chase's (Adrian Grenier) directorial debut.

"It's an honor. Everybody always wanted to be a cameo because that meant you were really 'in' in Hollywood," says Marlar, before jokingly adding, "I would say that means we're really in."