Environmental Expert Danny Seo's 9 Tips on Eco-Friendly Glamping

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The environmental expert dishes on his advice to make the most of a getaway.

Danny Seo is an environmental expert whose new magazine, Naturally, Danny Seo, advises on modern eco-friendly living. He is also the founder and CEO of Danny Seo Media Ventures, a multimedia lifestyle company and has a line of home products sold at more than 4,000 stores. His new line of wines, Philosophy Wine, is made from organic grapes and comes in convenient screw-top bottles, which is perfect for any glamping occasion.

Below are Seo’s other tips for a great eco-friendly glamping adventure.

1. Utilize large zip-up tents and furnish with a plush bed, comfy bedding, and gorgeous furniture or accents to feel more like home.

2. Use solar-powered heaters for an outdoor shower to have hot water.

3. Slip hot water bottles into your bed in the evening to keep you warm as the hot days turn to chilly nights.

4. Create a beautiful ambiance (and safe walkway) by lining solar powered lanterns from the tent to your campfire.

5. Relax with a pre-dinner wine & cheese hour. Hard cheeses like Grana Padano (Or Parmigiano Reggiano) don’t need to be refrigerated and pair wonderfully with a range of wine varietals. For dinner, rethink traditional camp fare and replace the baked beans and canned beer with innovative recipes like Dutch oven braised beef and veggies, paired with an organic red wine.

6. Add sage to your campfire or fire pit to naturally keep away pesky mosquitos and create a delicious aroma.

7. Bring along your favorite outdoor rug and set it outside of your tent. Not only will it look great, it will help minimize the amount of dirt you track inside your sleeping quarters.

8. Set a naturally gorgeous table near a beautiful tree or overlooking a great view. Make place cards utilizing smooth stones or leaves and write names on each with chalk or washable marker that can be rinsed off and put back in its natural environment. And if possible, use real plates (tip: stock up at a thrift store). If using disposable plates and utensils, look for ones that are biodegradable and compostable.

9. Use a white drop cloth or extra-large bed sheet as a movie screen, pop some popcorn over the fire and use a solar powered projector to create an outdoor theater under the stars.