'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'Interstellar,' 'Virunga' Among Environmental Media Awards Nominees

Mad Max Cars Still - H 2015
Jasin Boland

Mad Max Cars Still - H 2015

Awards recognize productions, content and individuals whose contributions increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire green conscious responsibility.

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) announced Wednesday the 2015 nominees for its upcoming 25th anniversary Environmental Media Awards, with Mad Max: Fury Road, Interstellar and Virunga each earning a nod. 

EMA's awards annually honor and recognize film and TV productions, individuals and content that increase public awareness of environmental issues and inspire green conscious responsibility.

"Over the past 25 years of this award show, it never ceases to amaze us of all the great work that has been done to further highlight the achievements of those who lead by example through environmentally conscious programing, filmmaking and production," EMA president Debbie Levin said in a statement.

This year's awards, jointly presented by Lexus and Toyota, will be held Oct. 24 at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank.

See the full list of nominees below.

Feature Film

Interstellar (Paramount)
Christopher Nolan: Director, Writer, Producer
Jonathan Nolan: Writer
Lynda Obst: Producer
Emma Thomas: Producer

Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros.)
George Miller: Director, Writer, Producer
Brendan McCarthy: Writer
Nick Lathouris: Writer
Doug Mitchell: Producer
P.J. Voeten: Producer

Disneynature Monkey Kingdom (Disney)
Mark Linfield: Producer, Writer, Director
Alastair Fothergill: Producer, Co-Director
Kristina Reed: Producer

Documentary Film

Gardeners of Eden
Jeff Skoll: Executive Producer
Kristin Davis: Executive Producer
Bryn Mooser: Producer
Austin Peck: Producer, Director
Molly Swenson: Producer
Anneliese Vandenberg: Producer, Director

Slingshot (White Dwarf Productions)
Paul Lazarus: Director, Producer
Evan Williams: Executive Producer
Sara Williams: Executive Producer
Eric Aroesty: Executive Producer
Ronald Aroesty: Executive Producer
Lewis Katz: Executive Producer
Catherine Adler: Executive Producer
Frederick R. Adler: Executive Producer

The True Cost (Untold LA)
Andrew Morgan: Director, Executive Producer
Livia Firth: Executive Producer
Michael Ross: Producer
Lucy Siegle: Executive Producer
Vincent Vittorio: Executive Producer
Christopher L. Harvey: Executive Producer
Julie Morgan: Executive Producer

Virunga (Netflix)
Orlando von Einsiedel: Director, Producer
Leonardo Dicaprio: Executive Producer
Jon Drever: Executive Producer
Maxyne Franklin: Executive Producer
Jess Search: Executive Producer
Adam Del Deo: Executive Producer
Lisa Nishimura: Executive Producer
Howard G. Buffett: Executive Producer

Television Episodic Drama

The Newsroom (HBO)
Aaron Sorkin: Executive Producer, Writer
Alan Poul: Executive Producer
Scott Rudin: Executive Producer
Denis Biggs: Executive Producer
Paul Lieberstein: Executive Producer
Anthony Hemingway: Co-Executive Producer
Jon Lovett: Producer, Writer

The Blacklist (Sony- NBC)
Jon Bokenkamp: Executive Producer
John Eisendrath: Executive Producer
Jonathan Filley: Co- Executive Producer
David Platt: Director

Television Episodic Comedy

Bob's Burgers: Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise (Fox)
Boo Hwan Lim: Director
Kyoung Hee Lim: Director
Jon Schroeder: Writer
Loren Bouchard: Executive Producer
Jim Dauterive: Executive Producer
Jon Schroeder: Co-Executive Producer

Cristela: Last Goose Standing (ABC)
Ted Wass: Director
D.J. Ryan: Writer
Aaron Serna: Writer
Cristela Alonzo: Executive Producer
Karen Kirchner: Co-Producer

The Simpson's: Opposites-A-Frack (Fox)
Al Jean: Executive Producer
James L. Brooks: Executive Producer
Matt Groening: Executive Producer
Sam Simon: Executive Producer
Matt Selman: Executive Producer
John Frink: Executive Producer
Kevin Curran: Co-Executive Producer
J. Stewart Burns: Co-Executive Producer
Michael Price: Co-Executive Producer
Bill Odenkirk: Co-Executive Producer
Marc Wilmore: Co-Executive Producer
Joel H. Cohen: Co-Executive Producer
Rob Lazebnik: Co-Executive Producer
Jeff Westbrook: Co-Executive Producer
Brian Kelley: Co-Executive Producer

Reality Television

Biggest and Baddest: Man-Eating Tiger (NatGeo)
Peter von Puttkamer: Director, Writer, Producer
Sandy Black: Producer

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Season 2 Episode 10 (HBO)
John Oliver: Executive Producer
Tim Carvell: Executive Producer
Jon Thoday: Executive Producer
James Taylor: Executive Producer
Liz Stanton: Co- Executive Producer
Diane Fitzgerald: Producer

Vice: Our Rising Oceans (HBO)
Bill Maher: Executive Producer
Shane Smith: Executive Producer
Eddy Moretti: Executive Producer
BJ Levin: Executive Producer
Jonah Kaplin: Co- Executive Producer
Tim Clancy: Supervising Producer
Erik Osterholm: Producer
Alex Braverman: Producer
Mandana Mofidi: Additional Producer
David Laven: Additional Producer
Abazar Khayami: Additional Producer

Children’s Television

Clangers: “Space Tangle” (Sprout-NBCUni)
Zoe Bamsey: Executive Producer
Daniel Postgate: Executive Producer
Dan Maddicott: Supervising Producer
Phil Chalk: Producer
Dave Ingham: Writer
Mole Hill: Director
Chris Tichborne: Director

Dora and Friends in the City: Magical Mermaid Adventure (Nickelodeon)
Jorge Aguirre: Writer
Chris Gifford: Executive Producer
Valerie Walsh Valdes: Executive Producer
Henry Lenardin-Madden: Supervising Producer
Miken Wong: Supervising Producer
Marc Amiel: Producer

Miles From Tomorrowland: Junked (Disney)
John Eng: Director
Kelly James: Director
Sascha Paladino: Executive Producer
Richard Marlis: Executive Producer
Carmen Italia: Executive Producer

Participant Media Presents Best Digital Short

The Soil Story (Kiss The Ground)
Louis Fox – Director
Calla Ostrander - Co-writer & Producer

Dear Future Generations: Sorry
Richard Williams (Prince EA) – Executive Producer

Climate Change Denial Disorder (Funny or Die)
Brianne Trosie - Producer