Ephron's Films By the Numbers

A survey of movies she wrote, directed or both, and how they performed at the box office.

Silkwood (1983)
Box office: $35.6 million domestic

Silkwood marked Ephron's debut as a screenwriter and garnered her and co-writer Alice Arlen an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, as well as a Writers Guild nomination in the category.

Heartburn (1986)
Box office: $25.3 million domestic

Loosely based on Ephron's tumultuous second marriage to Carl Bernstein, Heartburn reunited Silkwood director Mike Nichols with star Meryl Streep. Jack Nicholson also starred in the film.

When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
Box office: $92.8 million domestic

The romantic comedy became a box-office and cultural sensation, solidifying Ephron's standing at the Hollywood apex and getting her another Oscar nom. Harry was inspired by director Rob Reiner.

My Blue Heaven (1990)
Box office: $23.6 million domestic

Talk about a family affair. My Blue Heaven and GoodFellas -- released a month apart -- were both based on real-life mobster Harry Hill, the subject of Wiseguys, by Nicholas Pileggi, Ephron's husband.

This Is My Life (1992)
Box office: $2.9 million domestic

Her directorial debut, based on the book by Meg Wolitzer, failed to rouse moviegoers. Ephron co-wrote the script, about a cosmetics counter girl who wants to do stand-up, with her sister Delia.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
Box office: $227.8 million worldwide

The second time in the director's chair did the trick. Reuniting her with Meg Ryan, the film grossed $126.7 million domestically, an impressive $101.1 million overseas and got her a third Oscar nom for writing.

Michael (1996)
Box office: $119.7 million worldwide

Ephron directed the fantasy drama, which was panned by reviewers but turned into an instant hit when released Christmas Day. Ephron teamed again with her sister Delia to write the script.

You've Got Mail (1998)
Box office: $250.8 million worldwide

Moviegoers turned out in force to see Sleepless in Seattle stars Ryan and Tom Hanks fall for each other again in another romantic comedy. Nevermind Mail was roundly criticized for being one big ad for AOL.

Bewitched (2005)
Box office: $131.4 million worldwide

Ephron directed, co-wrote and produced this TV-classic adaptation that was widely disparaged by critics. The film won a Razzie Award for worst screen couple (Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell).

Julie & Julia (2009)
Box office: $129.5 million worldwide

Ephron's final movie -- which she directed, produced and adapted from Julia Child's autobiography and Julie Powell's blog-turned-book -- reteamed her with Streep, who received an Oscar nom.