Epic Games Cancels 2020 'Fortnite' World Cup Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf celebrates winning Fortnite World Cup - Getty-H 2019
Eric Ananmalay/ESPAT Media/Getty Images

The inaugural 2019 competition drew an audience of over 2 million viewers and offered a prize pool totaling $30 million.

Epic Games will not be holding its second annual Fortnite World Cup competition this July.

"For the rest of 2020, all Fortnite competitions will be held online. Due to the limitations of cross region online competition, there will not be a Fortnite World Cup in 2020," the company on Thursday tweeted through its official Fortnite Competitive account.

The inaugural Fortnite World Cup was held in July 2019 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. The event drew major attention for its large prize pool of more than $30 million and teenage champion Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf's $3 million grand prize.

The live event sold out Arthur Ashe Stadium's more than 23,000 seats and drew more than 2 million viewers online. 

Epic Games said it is "hopeful to be able to put on some form of Fortnite World Cup in 2021."

Meanwhile, other major American sports organizations — such as NASCAR — have revealed plans to return to live events next month.