Equip this: Latest film post products


Filmlight Baselight EIGHT
Describe This: This color grading system has been boosted by NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics processing units for a 10x speed increase.
Control Panel: In the DI process, the Baselight Eight has processed up to 48 layers of 4K resolution imagery in real time. It also now integrates with Avid, enabling an Avid Media Composer editor and Baselight color corrector to work with the same media off a shared storage device.
Budget Slasher: "Upgrades to the Baselight has created a more efficient tool," says Post Logic Studios CEO Larry Birstock. More efficiency translates to speedier processes, and everyone knows that, in Hollywood, time is money.

Quantel Pablo 3D
Describe This: Quantel's Pablo 3D is nonlinear color correction for stereoscopic 3-D films, an achievement acknowledged this year with an HPA engineering award.
Control Panel: The system allows 3-D stereoscopic films maximum flexibility and power in how the right and left eyes are graded and "converged" to form a single 3-D view. It's a huge improvement over previous, jury rigged systems that relied on trial-and-error methods. Other manufacturers have joined the club, but Quantel was the first to get there, winning an IABM design and innovation award.
Budget Slasher: The new trend of 3-D stereoscopic films wouldn't be possible without a time- and cost-effective way to post them. FotoKem was a test bed for the Quantel Pablo, says FotoKem senior vp Rand Gladden, who reports the post house used the Quantel Pablo to finish top-grosser "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" and the upcoming Jonas Brothers movie.

Describe This: The industry-standard music creation and audio production software, ProTools is in use in virtually every motion picture studio and post house in town.
Control Panel: With Version 8, ProTools just got the biggest version update in years, adding over 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments, integrated MIDI and score editors and new editing tools. "It's got an entirely new user interface," says Digidesign exec Kyle Ritland.
Budget Slasher: Prior to Version 8, a scorer had to go outside the ProTools application to get the job done. With full integration, audio and music pros will be able to focus on the dialogue and music, a streamlined workflow that guarantees time and money is spent on the creative end result.