Eric Buterbaugh, Nathan Turner Celebrate Summer With Beachside House Party

Eric Buterbaugh and Nathan Turner

Hollywood's social scene stepped out to toast the season with a soiree at one of Malibu's most storied homes.

Eric Buterbaugh meant business when he opened his new shop on Beverly Bouvelard two weeks ago. At a party in Malibu on Tuesday night, hosted by the famous florist's good friend Nathan Turner and social website Guest of a Guest founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Buterbaugh gushed about his 2,700 foot self-named store, Eric Buterbaugh Florals, which houses his new luxury fragrances ($300 and up), an art gallery, and garden.

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But the kicker is what's underneath the floorboards. "We did amazing stuff there," said the genial floral designer, who has worked with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Madonna. "Fabrice [Croise], my partner, heard about this French woman who is an energy person, and she's living in Mexico City so we flew her in and she cleared all the energy in the space and showed us where the energy entered. When we started the construction under the ground, we buried crystals in the shape of the heart to draw energy into the space. We'd had all these energy people come and say they were just drawn there." 

While Buterbaugh's new store was definitely a point of conversation, it was the house the party itself was held in (or technically, outside of) that was the real talking point. Party host MacPherson and her husband, hotelier Sean MacPherson (The Bowery Hotel, The Waverly Inn, The Ludlow Hotel, etc.), are currently renting the classic beachfront property where the 1950's film Gidget was filmed.

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This came as a surprise to Chris DeWolfe, one of the founders of MySpace, when he arrived. "I rented this house for three years," he said. Tech-savvy DeWolfe didn't realize it was the same property until once again setting foot on the unique house, which sits on a double wide lot and still possesses the original tiki bar. Turner, a well-known celebrity decorator, had added tiki torches for additional atmosphere and provided guests with leis as well as surrounding the beachfront dinner with sandbags in case of pesky waves during high tide.

"I love that it's still so authentic," said actress and blogger Shiva Rose, about the house. "It's funky and cozy. That's chic now. More chic than a palatial mansion on the beach." The approximate 30 person guest-list, including Buterbaugh and Rose along with producer Jamie Patricof, model Kelly Sawyer, Kelly Meyer, and film producer Alice Bamford, was masterminded by Turner, who was introduced to MacPherson by their mutual friend Minnie Mortimer. "I know what goes into creating a good night with my friends," explained Turner, who hugged and kissed each one good-bye and made sure each one had a Cointreau cocktail or glass of wine in their hand throughout the evening. "The decorating part is easy for me. It's a chance to throw some things together and have fun with it. It's part experience; it's part of who I am. I'm always game for a good time."