Eric Garner's Daughter to Katie Couric: It's Difficult Living With Grand Jury Decision

Katie Couric Eric Garner Kids - H 2014

Katie Couric Eric Garner Kids - H 2014

Erica and Eric Garner tell the Yahoo news anchor they are "disappointed" by the grand jury's decision to not indict the NYPD officer involved in their father's death

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric sat down with two of Eric Garner's children on Friday to discuss the Staten Island, N.Y., grand jury's decision to not indict a white police officer involved in their father's death.

A bystander captured the NYPD officer's attempt to arrest Garner on video, which quickly went viral and fueled expectations that the officer would be charged. After the grand jury announced its decision on Wednesday, protests erupted around the country among people still reeling from a St. Louis, Missouri, grand jury's decision to not indict a white police officer responsible for shooting an unarmed black teenager.

Erica Garner and Eric Garner Jr. told Couric they are disappointed in the grand jury's decision.

"After the Ferguson indictment, I expected it to come out this way," Erica Garner said. "But I was hoping it was going to be different. I was disappointed, very disappointed."

Eric Garner said he had faith that he grand jury would decide to indict the police officer, but now "it's been hard... just living with that decision."

He said his dad was his best friend and that he was looking forward to his dad coming to his first basketball games when he starts college this year.

When Couric asked what it was like seeing their dad's name on protester's signs, Erica Garner said she was encouraged. "They feel what I'm feeling right now," she said. "My father's voice is being heard."

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She also lamented that race relations haven't changed much since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King. "What is it going to take for a change to happen?" Erica Garner said.

For now, she wants the conversation to continue after the protests stop. "My message now is: We're not going to stop. ... Me and my family want to stand strong, keep on protesting, keep on fighting the good fight for justice."

She pointed to the first responders at the scene during her father's arrest and said she wants to know why they didn't help him. She implored first responders to "do what's right" and report colleagues they witness behaving in questionable ways.

"There were too many people out there -- too many officers, too many sergeants or supervisors out there -- to prevent my father from dying on that corner," Erica Garner said.

Watch Couric's interview with Garner's children, below.