Eric Trump Defends Father’s "Locker Room Talk," Says It’s Because of His "Alpha Personality"

Eric Trump RNC 2 - H 2016
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The presidential candidate’s son also holds Hillary Clinton’s campaign responsible for the release of the 2005 'Access Hollywood' tape.

Eric Trump was in Colorado on Monday to help refocus his father’s campaign after days of weathering the audio tapes that were released last Friday depicting Donald Trump making comments to Billy Bush that alluded to sexual assault.

While speaking at the campaign offices in Denver, the 32-year-old was adamant that the issue was a desperate attempt by Hilary Clinton’s camp to smear his father’s name in order to win over voters.

“I think that’s Hillary going low," he said. "I think you’ve seen that for a long time. If you look at her track record with women, I think you saw that yesterday with some of the people we had sitting at the debate. It’s horrible."

The younger Trump went on to exonerate his father’s actions by reminding the crowd that a formal apology had been rendered, which should be enough to stifle the controversy.

“And listen, my father apologized for it. He was right to apologize for it, and I’m glad he apologized for it," said Eric Trump. "At the same time, if you look at her track record with women, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible.”

He also emphasized the sentiment that his father expressed when explaining the lewd language that was on display, and mentioned his “surprise” that the tape was even shared with the public.

“At the same time, I think it’s locker room banter," he said. "I think sometimes when guys are together they get carried away, and sometimes that’s what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence. At the same time, I’m not saying it’s right. It’s not the person that he is.”

The younger Trump was able to summon some positive words about his father’s political nemesis by mentioning how touched he was by her answer to the last question of the debate, when she admitted her admiration for him and his siblings. "It was incredibly nice, and we were all very honored."