Erin Andrews Speaks Out After Court Case: "I Want to Thank Everybody"

Erin Andrews

The 'Dancing With the Stars' co-host also shared her "gossip" on the upcoming season.

Erin Andrews made her first public appearance since her court case triumph, stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night.

The Fox Sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars co-host was awarded $55 million on Monday in her lawsuit against a stalker who bought a hotel room next to her and secretly recorded a nude video of her, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared in the blame.

"This is kind of my come-out of hiding!" Andrews told Kimmel, who asked her for a million dollars.

"I want to thank everybody," she said. "There were so many people that reached out [from] all over the world, actually. So supportive."

Kimmel then noted such negative incidents can bring out "the nice part of the Internet," to which Andrews responded, "Is there a nice part? ... You're so right."

Andrews also recalled her own season competing on Dancing With the Stars, on which Kimmel regularly places bets. Therefore, the co-host shared her "gossip" on the upcoming season, and who she thinks might win.