Erin and Sara Foster Are 'Barely Famous' — But That's About to Change

Dynamic Duo-Foster Sisters - H 2016
Lenka Ulrichova at Wally’s Wines

With their show debuting its second season, the hilarious (and stylish) sisters are about to make the A-list.

Sisters Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy-winning music producer David Foster and step-siblings to kids with last names like Jenner and Hadid, are well aware of their fame-adjacent status. In fact, it's exactly why their sharp and self-deprecating humor on their satirical VH1 series, Barely Famous, is so entertaining.

Written by Erin, the comedy is a faux-reality show that riffs on this very idea of just-out-of-reach fame. The sisters star as exaggerated versions of themselves, mixing some truth (for example, making reference to Sara’s stint as an actress on 90210, the remake) with staged fiction (chasing a date with a booty-calling James Franco). The result pokes fun at celebrity life in Hollywood and the oversaturated reality show market.

FOSTERS FOREVER: Erin, left, in an ALC top, Zimmermann trousers, Aldo heels and Jennifer Meyer jewelry; Sara wears an ALC turtleneck, Longchamp trousers, Joie heels and Jennifer Meyer jewelry. (Photographed by Lenka Ulrichova at Wally's Wines.) 

“The show was my idea,” joked Sara on set at Wally’s Wine in Beverly Hills following their Pret-a-Reporter photoshoot. Noted Erin, “No one looks at Sara and goes, ‘She came up with this idea.’ You’re too cute.”

If anything, the pair’s IRL banter proves that their humor and natural chemistry isn’t limited to their onscreen personas, but is an extension of their family dynamic. Even dad David, who dropped by the set to show support for his daughters’ latest endeavor (and made a brief cameo on Pret-a-Reporter’s Facebook live interview, below), has a snarky, humorous side. When asked why he didn’t push for his girls to follow in his musical footsteps, he bluntly explained, “Because you have no talent.”


Like all great reality shows, there are plenty of to-die-for fashion moments on Barely Famous. One episode sees Sara quarreling with a Beverly Hills boutique salesman over a Birkin bag, which is then gifted to Kate Hudson instead. The sisters also get dressed to the nines for the “confessionals,” sporting full hair and makeup and plenty of bodycon numbers in order to look their best in the Kardashian-esque bright light.

But when it comes to walking the red carpet in real life, they note that less is more.

“You find yourself wanting to overdo it, but the more you look like yourself, the happier you are,” said Erin of getting ready for the step-and-repeat. Added Sara, "Yeah, that lighting on the red carpet is not forgiving." 

GEO DETAILS: Erin wears Jennifer Meyer rings and Aldo heels. (Photographed by Lenka Ulrichova at Wally's Wines.)

Thankfully, the show’s costume designer, Jamie Schneider, as well as stylist Jessica de Ruiter (who styled the pair in complementary ensembles for Pret-a-Reporter's photoshoot), have kept the sisters looking polished and posh both onscreen and on the red carpet. Accessories are never an issue, either, given that Erin and Sara count jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer as a close friend.  

For the sisters, it's still all about making a good show and pushing each other to greatness. "Your sister knows everything to say to piss you off," said Erin of working with family. "But sisters tend to be each other’s biggest champion and also their hardest critics."

Their pop has offered them plenty of wisdom, too, but they take it with a grain of salt. The worst advice he's ever given his daughters? "Just get married, it's temporary."

SAY CHEESE: Erin, left, and Sara pose for the camera. (Photographed by Lenka Ulrichova at Wally's Wines.) 

Season 2 of Barely Famous premieres Wednesday, June 29 on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET.