Esperanza Spalding Talks Justin Bieber: 'He Has a Similar Story to Mine’ (Video)

Why the best new artist Grammy winner says she "can relate" to the teen heartthrob.

Esperanza Spalding - who beat out Justin Bieber for best new artist at the
Feb. 13 Grammys - says she has more in common with the teen heartthrob than
you might think.

"He has sort of a similar story to mine, coming from a single-parent family,
low income, sort of having this stellar ascension in making his success
through music," the bassist jazz singer, 26, tells Billboard. "I can really
relate to that and I can imagine for him being so young, all this must be
really, really intense."

For more - including what she has to say about her surprising Grammy win -
watch below.

Video courtesy of Billboard