ESPN Anchor Will Selva Suspended Over Plagiarism

Sports broadcaster issues apology for lifting a large part of an Orange County Register article.

ESPN staffer Will Selva has been suspended for an indefinite period of time for plagiarizing another sportswriter's content, reports the website Fanhouse.

Selva issued an apology Wednesday for lifting a large part of the lead of a column written by Kevin Ding of Southern California's Orange County Register, and using it on a recent episode of Highlight Express.

"I sincerely apologize for my sloppiness, especially to Kevin Ding, viewers and colleagues," Selva said in the statement released by ESPN. "In my 15 years in broadcast journalism, nothing like this has ever happened and I will make every effort to ensure it won't happen again."

The sports broadcaster, who also anchors Highlight Express, explained that he had cut and pasted Ding's article into his news script while doing research for a report on a hockey game but forgot to replace it with his own content.