ESPN Calls Writer Adrian Wojnarowski's F-Bomb Message to Senator "Completely Unacceptable"

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Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA insider also apologized for the remark.

ESPN said Friday that it was aware of an email exchange between Adrian Wojnarowski and Republican Sen. Josh Hawley in which the veteran NBA reporter dropped an F-bomb. 

Wojnarowski was on an email blast from the Missouri lawmaker that criticized the NBA for its dealings with China and not being more supportive of law enforcement in the U.S. “Is the NBA prepared to allow its players to wear phrases in support of the United States, the American military, and U.S. law enforcement personnel, such as ‘God Bless America,’ ‘Support Our Troops,' or ‘Back the Blue?" the Hawley email read. 

Wojnarowski replied to the email blast with, simply: "Fuck you." 

That exchange was shared by Hawley, who said via Twitter, "Don’t criticize #China or express support for law enforcement to @espn. It makes them real mad." 

Wojnarowski apologized. “I was disrespectful, and I made a regrettable mistake. I’m sorry for the way I handled myself, and I am reaching out immediately to Sen. Hawley to apologize directly,” he said in a statement. “I also need to apologize to my ESPN colleagues because I know my actions were unacceptable and should not reflect on any of them.”

ESPN called the message from Wojnarowski "completely unacceptable, and we do not condone it." 

"It is inexcusable for anyone working at ESPN to respond in the way Adrian did to Senator Hawley," ESPN said in a statement. "We are addressing directly with Adrian and specifics of those conversations will remain internal." 

On Sunday it was reported that Wojnarowski was suspended without pay. Though ESPN declined to comment, Lakers star LeBron James responded to the development Sunday, tweeting, “#FreeWOJ!!”

July 12, 3 p.m. Updated with James tweet and ESPN declining to comment.