ESPN keeps 'Streak' alive with '08 docu


NEW YORK -- ESPN will televise a documentary on the longest winning streak in American sports.

"The Streak" will follow the wrestling program at Brandon High School in Tampa, Fla., which has a 451-0 record that stretches 34 years. It will air sometime in October 2008.

"Great stories like this one need to be told and can be enjoyed by sports fans and non-sports fans alike," said Joan Lynch, ESPN executive producer and vp of ESPN Content Development.

"Streak" is being produced by ESPN Content Development, Milojo Prods. and Hock Films. Milojo is owned by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who are co-executive producers. Hock Films is associated with John Hock, whose credits include "Through the Fire." Consuelos is a graduate of a nearby high school but attended a semester at Brandon.