ESPN's Mike Tirico Signs Off With Heartfelt Goodbye

mike tirico GETTY - H  2016
Stephen Cohen/Getty Images

“This has been great. Top to bottom."

Mike Tirico delivered a heartfelt farewell as he signed off of ESPN on Thursday after 25 years with the network.

Tirico, who most recently has been in Paris covering the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, left ESPN to join NBC Sports. 

“This has been great. Top to bottom," Tirico said of his time with ESPN.

He added that being a part of SportsCenter was a particularly great joy of his career. 

“I think 25 years is something like over 9,000 days, and every one of those days, ESPN has been a part of my life,” Tirico told colleague and Euro 2016 analyst Bob Ley.

“You leave a considerable legacy,” Ley responded.

“I just want to say thank you to a lot of you for letting us in your house," Tirico told viewers.