ESPN Nears New Long-Term NFL Deal Worth $1.8 Billion-$1.9 Billion a Year

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The new arrangement will reportedly run through 2022-2023.

NEW YORK – Walt Disney’s ESPN and the NFL are close to an extension to their current broadcast rights deal worth $1.8 billion-$1.9 billion per year, SportsBusiness Daily reported.

The report said the deal will likely run for nine or 10 years, which would keep key football content, including flagship Monday Night Football, with Disney through 2022-2023.

The contract extension could still take weeks to complete, but the broad outlines of it seem to have taken shape.
SportsBusiness Daily said that the reported terms of the deal would mean an annual rights fee increase of 40%.

But the deal would still keep the Super Bowl and playoff games off ESPN or ABC for at least several years, the report said. But during the negotiations, ESPN has pushed to pick up at least one wild card game, and the NFL showed signs that it is willing to consider moving a playoff game to cable eventually, according to the paper.