ESPN's Michelle Beadle Questions Network for Interviewing Greg Hardy

Michelle Beadle GETTY - H 2016
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"Dude doesn't admit to wrongdoing. Dude has changed? I give the hell up," she tweeted.

ESPN reporter and host Michelle Beadle did not hold back Tuesday when she questioned her employer for participating in an exclusive interview with NFL defensive end Greg Hardy, a former Carolina Panther and Dallas Cowboy and now a free agent, accused in the past of domestic violence.

ESPN personality and NFL insider Adam Schefter conducted the Hardy interview. 

“I feel dirty in that this guy has no job right now, and for some reason we’ve decided as a network that we’re going to give him the stage for his redemption tour as he basically goes out and tries to find some employment,” Beadle said on SportsNation. “I don’t understand why we’re doing that."

Hardy was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The case was thrown out when the victim did not cooperate with authorities. However, Hardy was suspended by the NFL for 10 games, later reduced to four.

In his interview with Schefter, Hardy said he was innocent of any physical abuse. 

Beadle remained steadfast in her opposition to the network's interview.

"If he wants to figure out a way to get his message out there — which, by the way, he hasn’t said he did anything wrong, so how is a man supposed to convince anybody he’s changed and yet not admit to actually doing anything? I have no idea," Beadle said on Tuesday's installment of SportsNation, which she co-hosts. "But why we’re giving him the forum to go out there and tell anybody that is where I’m a little bit confused.”

In addition to her comments about the network, Beadle also sent out a tweet apparently in response to comments Schefter made after the Hardy interview when he appeared on Fox Sports Radio's The Dan Patrick Show.

"I went in there thinking that this is one of the scariest people in the NFL," Schefter told Patrick. "And I came out of there with a very different feeling about him. I came out of there with a feeling that this is a guy who has managed to say the wrong things at the wrong times, has not always made the right decisions. But I found him to be a changed kind of guy, a guy that I think realizes he did make a mistake, could have handled things differently in regards to that incident."

Beadle was not impressed. 

ESPN declined additional comment.