ESPYs 2015: It’s the Caitlyn Jenner Show, Says Host Joel McHale

caitlyn jenner - H 2015
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caitlyn jenner - H 2015

The actor-comedian jokes about demanding a bonus fee for all the questions he's had to field on Jenner receiving this year's Arthur Ashe Courage Award: "I think I need to be paid as [her] spokesperson."

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Though Joel McHale is hosting the 2015 ESPY Awards and filming a recurring role on The X-Files reboot, the Community actor has been busy with another, unofficial gig as well.

"I think I need to be paid as Caitlyn Jenner's spokesperson," says McHale, joking about the number of questions he's had fielded on her behalf heading into the ESPYs' Arthur Ashe Courage Award presentation. "It's the first question I get asked on everything. I really don't mind answering questions about Caitlyn or anything. I will say it again: It's insanely courageous and nobody can deny what Bruce Jenner did in the '70s."

What Jenner is doing now is also a huge feat, McHale offers, and he's ready to be on her team. "I would be a fabulous spokesperson."

By all accounts, Jenner's current spokesperson, Rogers & Cowan vet Alan Neirob has executed a brilliant strategy in guiding her through her very public transition that has included a Diane Sawyer exclusive, a Vanity Fair cover and the upcoming E! docuseries I Am Cait

But with the Jenner question out of the way, what's the one query McHale wishes the press would toss his way? "[No one] has asked me, 'Hey, can I give you $10,000 in a briefcase for no reason?' Yes, sir, I would like that," the actor laughs, before he reveals what he doesn't like to talk about. "Questions about individual ingrown hairs, or questions about embarrassing odors that come out of my body."