Esther Perel's 'Where Should We Begin?' to Debut New Season on Spotify

Esther Perel - Ernesto Urdaneta - H - 2019

Ernesto Urdaneta

The couples' therapist is prepping another podcast with Spotify-owned Gimlet Media.

Esther Perel's Where Should We Begin? is returning for a new season with a new home.

The couples' therapist and author has struck a deal with Spotify-owned Gimlet Media for future seasons of the podcast in which she counsels clients about their relationships. On Oct. 10, the show's third season will debut on Spotify, where it will live exclusively for a period of time before it becomes available on other podcast platforms.

"As we continue to explore the complexities of modern relationships, season three takes you through the stages of marriage, from the dreams to the disillusions to the dissolution and the new dreams," Perel said in a statement. "My hope is to provoke, evoke and stimulate meaningful conversations. When you listen deeply to the stories of others, you see yourself, you feel less alone, are open to new ideas and are emboldened to start the conversations that will transform your life."

The pact with Where Should We Begin? is part of a larger relationship between Perel and Gimlet that will see the host develop a new original podcast set to premiere this fall, also with an exclusive window on Spotify. Perel recently posted a call for subjects on her website that suggested the new show will be focused on the workplace. 

"Where Should We Begin? is a groundbreaking podcast, and Esther is a unique and singular voice in podcasting," said Gimlet head of new show development Nazanin Rafsanjani. "She uses the power of audio to let us listen in and learn from people's most personal revelations and struggles. We are thrilled to be partnering with her and bringing her talents to Spotify."

Added Perel: "We're pleased to partner with Spotify and Gimlet to bring my work to a dynamic and global audience. We have a shared belief: Beyond the riches of our individual and cultural particularities, we all have a universal need for connection."

The first season of Where Should We Begin? debuted in 2017, and Perel's knack for diving deep into a couple's relationship immediately caught on with listeners. She is also the author of two books, and her TED talks have been viewed more than 28 million times online.