Ethan Embry: 'I Was So Stoned' During 'Can't Hardly Wait' Filming

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Ethan Embry and Jennifer Love Hewitt in 'Can't Hardly Wait'

The actor also reveals his disappointment with the teen movie, which he says was changed significantly for a PG-13 rating.

Ethan Embry says he "was so stoned" during the making of the cult-favorite movie Can't Hardly Wait, he can't remember much about the filming, apart from the director asking him if he was "altered."

"At the time, when we were shooting, I was the world’s biggest stoner," Embry told VH1. "I remember the director came up to me and asked if I was 'altered.' But other than that, nothing sticks out because I was so stoned the entire time."

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His heavy smoking also led co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt to give him 50 breath mints before one of their scenes.

Embry suggests his "altered" state during filming may be responsible for him not knowing quotes from the movie 15 years later, and he claims he can't remember whether he does backflips in one scene because he was so high.

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But the actor does reveal his disappointment that the film's original, edgier script changed before Can't Hardly Wait was released.

"The script that we read was a very different script than what everybody saw," says Embry. “We had an R-rated script, and a lot of the characters ended up getting cut out so that we could make PG-13. ...That was before American Pie came out. So it was before it was OK for studios to make a raunchy comedy with high school characters."